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Workshop at FH Münster

In January 2018 I’d had the honor to be invited to give a workshop at FH Münster to young and talented illustrators. We’ve talked about the basics young professionals need to know: rights of use, areas of application and the necessities of telling a story with text and images. Thanks to all the great people I’ve had the honor to meet. I enjoyed it very much to work and create with you!

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Workshop at Jung von Matt Academy

2017 December 21st • Do you know that voice in your head that is telling you that you cannot draw? If so, you are not alone. Most people know that voice, most of us develope somehow – probably during school days – a believe that drawing is not for us, that we are not good drawers. That’s unfortunate consindering that sketching and scribbling is one of the areas in life where you can’t go wrong. In drawing everything is possible, anything goes. And also sketching can be a highly effective problem-solving tool for you because sketching helps us to understand and think problems through, so we can find new, innovative solutions and ideas. I like to help people to overcome that believe system that drawings have to be pretty and technically well made to be effective. And that’s what we did together at Jung von Matt Hamburg. Many thanks to Kyra Braatz and Heike Lorentz for making it happen.

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With Goethe-Institut I’ve travelled through China from December 2nd till December 13th 2017. Book reading and comic-workshop in Guangzhou, book reading and exhibit opening in Beijing, some traveling alone to Shanghai. It was a great adventure – I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to all the nice people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! For more images take a look at my Facebook Page.

On my last day in Shanghai I’ve met my old friend Rolf ... we worked together and were flat-mates in Shanghai 15 years ago. Rolf and Fraenzi 15 years ago and today ...

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See you in China!

For many years I’ve dreamt about being an author, touching the hearts of readers and changing the world through drawn and written stories. It may sound a little naive but I also imagined it as travelling the world and being invited to exotic and faraway places. In less than one week I am going leave Hamburg to start a reading tour in China. And to be honest – I imagined it differently: more fireworks! And above all I imagined that I would feel different: more grounded, wiser, happier, leading a different life … Change did come, but in other ways than I expected, life goes on, but the way I see and treat myself hasn’t changed much: For the last couple of weeks – to be truthful – I’ve worried a lot: Will I be good enough? What if I fail? What if I get lost? My worries took up a lot of space … so much that I almost forgot to realize that my dream came true. … Yup, expectation tends to kill the joy of the moment. Let’s choose experiences over expectations and joyful curiosity over effort. See you in China.

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New Book: Hoch hinaus

Check out my first picture book »Hoch hinaus«, recently published by Kunstanstifter Verlag.

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Werther in Vienna

Come and meet me at BuchQuartier Wien. I am going to read from my graphic novel »Werther reloaded« on Dezember 10 2016. For more information visit the facebook event.

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Press review »Werther reloaded«

Andreas Platthaus auf dem FAZ-Comic-Blog | 26. September 2016
»Großartig [...] ist, dass Franziska Walther tatsächlich keinerlei aktualisierten Text verwendet, sondern nur reinen Goethe, und die gewählten Ausschnitte sind grandiose Ausgangspunkte für ihre stummen Bildsequenzen. Und umgekehrt. Denn bis überhaupt der erste Goethe-Text kommt, ist ein rundes Drittel der Geschichte schon vorbei, und wir haben Werther selbst und seinen Alltag trotzdem bestens kennen­gelernt: rein visuell.«

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Nominated: Jugendliteraturpreis 2016

Große Ehre! Zusammen mit der Autorin Stefanie Höfler wurde ich für den diesjährigen Jugendliteraturpreis 2016 in der Kategorie Kinderbuch nominiert. Das freut mich sehr, denn das nominierte Buch «Mein Sommer mit Mucks« (Beltz&Gelberg) ist eine Geschichte, die die Nominierung verdient hat. Ein ganz besonderer Text über Freundschaft und die Entdeckung der Liebe, für den ich von Herzen gern die Illustrationen und das Cover beigesteuert habe. Die finale Entscheidung wird im Oktober auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse verkündet.

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Awareness in Design. AGD Dialogue

In June 2014 the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) invited Sabine Reister (graphic designer and board member AGD), Victoria Ringleb (CEO AGD), Wolfgang Beinert (graphic and type designer) and myself to Hamburg Hafencity to discuss »Awareness in Design« in an expert discussion. The interview is now online. Many thanks to Nicolas Uphaus who asked the well thought through questions and to Heiko Preller who took the well made pictures.

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Trial-Lecture at KHiO

I feel very honoured and proud to be one of the candidates for the professorship of Illustration at KHiO in Oslo. That’s why I’ve jetted off to Oslo on December 9th to give a trial-lecture – a very rewarding and exciting experience. KHiO is a fantastic place to study and teach – with an extraordinary atmosphere which evolves inside that beautiful building. I am looking forward to come back. Very much indeed.