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January 13th 2022  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 23: A new beginning ...


The last few weeks have been exciting, because I have officially immigrated to Finland. Accordingly, the new year will be a great adventure and I can already see it coming: soon I will turn into a Moomin. In order to have more time for my Moomin life, I have decided to stop my weekly blog post after two years. I will still be posting regular glimpses of my new Finnish life on Instagram. Feel free to drop by there from time to time. And thank you for sticking with me for the last two years. See you on Instagram!

What else has happened   Winter came early and with a lot of snow. It is absolutely beautiful in this white cloudy landscape. My new favorite hobby is cross-country skiing. Already as a very small kid I made ski tours through the Thuringian Forest with my family. And to my delight, skiing is like riding a bike. It comes back very quickly. ♥︎ I have found an apartment in Tampere. Right now I can’t really believe it yet, but I will be living in the beautiful Pyynikkin area. It will start at the end of February. Horray!!



December 20th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 22: The darkest day


It is dark outside. It’s time for reflection. Time for looking inward. Time for honest observation. I feel the long way I have gone.

What else has happened   It is getting colder again, even if there is no fresh snow yet. I would like to buy cross-country skis. I used to ski every winter when I was a kid.



December 12th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 22: The first snow shoveling of the year

The last few days it got a little warmer. Now it is about minus 2 to minus 5 degrees Celsius. With the rising temperatures the fog came. The snow lies around wet and heavy – like a lumbering, large creature that has lost its will to live.



December 5th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 22: Already December?


What? Is it already December? How did this happen? Last week the Portfolio Academy came to an end. I have been working on it every day since mid-July. Hooray. Time to celebrate!! The weekend was therefore pyjama time. 

What else has happened   The neighbors’ sheep cuddle together like furry balls of wool. They breathe little white clouds. ♥︎ It’s already around minus 15 degrees and this morning I took the first walk on the lake. It is beautiful. The air tinkles and sounds like glass.



November 28th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 21: Shoot! First week without blogging!


Last week was the first week I haven’t blogged since arriving in Finland almost two years ago. Sorry for that. I feel exhausted from this fast and furious year. It’s good that soon the silence of the year’s end will come and with it rest and time for renewal. In the meantime, the days have boiled down to just a few hours. With the snow, everything still seems to shine, even at night.



November 15st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 21: Sorry for the delay ...


The days blur like the mist with the landscape and every day is the same. You can already sense the winter. Every morning the treetops are covered with an icy layer of frost. It snows from time to time. The lake is already slowly freezing over.

What else has happened   As soon as the sun shines, I go out for a walk. And meet half the neighborhood, because they all try to catch every ray of sunshine. ♥︎ A few days ago I’ve met a Finnish cat. She already had her winter coat on. And a tail as big and furry as they get.



November 7th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 21: Lots of things to do ...


Last week was pretty full and busy. New people have been coming into the artist residency. Fresh faces. Saying goodbye to the old ones is not always easy. The days are getting shorter and shorter. The nights are already quite long.

What else has happened   My 12-week online program, »The Portfolio Academy,« is steadily heading toward the finish line. I can hardly believe that it will soon be over. ♥︎ My emigration to Finland is becoming more and more concrete. Sometimes it feels quite overwhelming.


October 31st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 20: Some gold between lots of grey ...


Slowly it becomes dark and foggy and gray. The only flashes of color are the golden chanterelles under the wet brown leaves. Unfortunately, I only found a few, not enough for dinner. The snow has thawed again. Now I’ll wait – for the white glory that makes the darkness bearable and the cold forgotten.

What else has happened   Winter preparations are now the order of the day. Everything needs to be put away, wrapped up and stowed. In addition, I have already thought about how I could get cross-country skis. The anticipation is great. ♥︎ My green Rosinante, my 21-year-old green Volvo, also needs winter shoes. Fat tires with spikes are already waiting to be put on.



October 25th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 20: The second snow stayed for a while ...


The first snow had already disappeared the next morning. The second has remained. Every time I look outside, I think of gingerbread and feel at peace. Everything is more serene under this white woolen blanket of snow.



October 17th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 20: October passes quickly ...


October is already half over again. There is so much to do right now. My online course »Portfolio Academy« is running and it makes me very happy to support so many great women on their way to an effective portfolio and to more self-empowerment.

What else has happened   To prepare for my move to Tampere, I checked out a neighborhood for the first time this week. That felt great and like a new adventure. ♥︎ At the same time I am still renovating the yellow house (that’s me sanding). I see it as practice for what is to come.



October 10th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 20: Yellow becomes brown ...


All it takes is one powerful autumn storm and all the colors are gone. That’s exactly what happened last week. Never mind. I’m sitting in it all the time anyway and producing videos. But there is light at the horizon ...

What else has happened   The swans pack their bags. From time to time you can hear them talking about when the journey will start. The white cranes are already gone. ♥︎ Life at the residence is suddenly so much more social. Strange, after all the long time of silence.



October 1st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 20: Green becomes yellow ...


The blue of the sky is just unreal on sunny days. It glows in competition with the yellow and orange of the leaves. But with each passing day, the color mood becomes quieter, more earthy, calmer. Winter announces itself. On sunny days, the lake still smells of summer and the swan kids of this year sparkle on it like little white flakes.

What else has happened   Things are getting a little more crowded again at the artists’ residence. People are arriving and saying goodbye. ♥︎ I am strangely restless. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to the winter slumber, but on the other hand I feel a sense of being driven, of setting off and arriving. Let’s see where the autumn gale will take me.



September 26th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 19: The first frost.


On starry nights the air is crisp. The stars twinkle and shine and you might think that the twinkling sounds like a crystal clear chime. In the early morning hours, clouds of mist sweep over the lake and the treetops. And the forest glows in hundreds of shades of orange, yellow and red.

What else has happened   These are challenging times for me right now. There is a lot to do. Still. And has been for a very long time. I am looking forward to the winter and planning a hibernation phase. ♥︎ It feels strangely melancholy to sit inside and work now, while the last rays of sunshine of the year are happening outside.



September 17th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 19: Golden fall.


These are exciting times. A lot of change, a lot of new things to learn. It’s good to take a break now and then and just breathe for a moment. In the sauna. At the lake. The water is already quite chilly, but after the sauna it is still easy to go swimming. Not for long.

What else has happened   New sheep have moved in with the neighbors. I thought they were my friends, the girlies, from last year. But they are definitly new sheep friends. ♥︎ We gathered a big bowl of cranberries in less than 20 minutes. Are these the last berries for this year?



September 10th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 19: It finally happened.


This week I ate a toadstool. Really. And I am still alive. Hooray! One of the artists at the residence has a lot of knowledge about mushrooms and herbs. The kitchen in the blue house has therefore become a beetle witch kitchen. At the same time Ruska (Finnish term for a colorful fall) has announced itself. The first leaves are already changing color.

What else has happened   My absentee ballots have arrived. Today I will send them back. Go vote! It’s important, now more than ever. ♥︎ My online Portfolio-Academy program has started. Therefore, my blog post will always be published on Fridays instead of Thursdays in the coming weeks, as a weekend kick-off.



September 2nd 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 19: Still video shooting.


No time, no time, said the rabbit again. And since everyday is Groundhog Day, there is no point in complaining about time and how it flies and how precious it is. The video shooting goes on and on. I wish for some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it will be there soon.

What else has happened   The porcini mushrooms have become huge, but no longer taste good. There are still a few scattered blueberries and lingonberries. ♥︎ Every now and then there is golden autumn. And every once in a while it rains for several days at a stretch. Autumn has finally arrived. And you can already feel the darkness coming.



August 28th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 18: Still video-shooting like clockwork ... in between: mushroom hunting ...



August 18th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 18: Video-shooting ... no time ...



August 12th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 18: Autumn is already sending its heralds


You can already smell the coming of autumn. The morning dew is wet and chilly and lies thickly on the blackcurrants and the blades of grass. There are still tons of berries, but probably not for much longer. The thrushes sit and rustle in the berry bushes and are scandalized by it. They complain noisily about every single human picker who happens to pass by.

What else has happened   After munching on kilos of berries, I wonder how many tons of them a brown bear has to eat to gain winter fat for the winter. ♥︎ With autumn also comes silence and a sense of pause that will soon arrive. Right now I’m happy about every walk in the sunlight. About sweater days that are not yet jacket days. And about oregano, what blooms in the garden. 



August 5th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finnland

Month 18: Travelling back to Finland.


It was my grandma’s birthday. That’s why I flew to Germany, among other things. There were flowers, coffee in the sun and birthday cake. And my 88 year old grandma. The return trip was a bit of a nail-biter. My second vaccination was not yet official and the Corona cases in Finland have been increasing rapidly for some time. It looks like I used a small window in which the regulations were briefly lifted. With the rising numbers, this will quickly change again.

What else has happened   Arriving back here, I was delighted to discover that the berry season is not over yet. Blueberries had a hard time this year, many bushes literally burned in the hot summer sun. Instead, there are tons of black currants, gooseberries and raspberries. ♥︎ In parallel to berry picking, I’m currently building my online course »The Portfolio Academy«, which will start in September. Do you feel like joining in? Here you can find more information about the course.



July 29th 2021  ♥︎  Mirow, Germany

Month 17: Visiting granny.


As a child, I spent my summers here, in Mecklenburg with its many pine forests and lakes. In the forests there were mushrooms, blueberries and mosquitoes. Back in the 80s, the pines were used for resin extraction. A pot was attached to each tree, into which resin ran through a small wound in the bark. To me it looked like there was a honey jar hanging from each tree.

What else has happened   Right now I’m sitting in front of the stove to get warm. Two days ago it was still 30 degrees and hell broke loose at the lake. All of Germany seems to be gathered here to pretend for a short moment that Corona is over. ♥︎ Yesterday my grandma told me about the war and how she experienced it as a child. It makes me sad to see that so many important memories are being lost little by little.



July 22nd 2021  ♥︎  Hamburg, Germany

Month 17: Still in the big city.


Yesterday the book arrived – finally! I left the box in the hallway for an hour and a half, because I did not dare to open it. It’s such a special moment when the book eventually stands in front of you and goes off into the world. But also time flies. My time in Hamburg is already over again. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Grandma’s.

What else has happened   The big city hums and whistles, squeals and roars, shouts and chatters, barks and rumbles. I realize how quiet it actually is in Finland. And more relaxed. Here, many people with busy schedules have a lot to do, need to catch the bus, want to do some quick shopping, or just want to pass by here quickly. I love the big city anyway. ♥︎



July 15th 2021  ♥︎  Hamburg, Germany

Month 17: Visiting the big city.


Last weekend I worked late and had to turn on the light for the first time, around midnight. Meanwhile, a new generation of frogs hops the long way from the lake to the forest. I myself packed up and headed out. Into the big wide city. In Hamburg, it gets really dark at night. That feels strange and unfamiliar.

What else has happened   I arrived last night, completely famished because I didn’t dare take off my mask all day, at the airport or on the plane. It’s so much louder here in the big city. And there are so many people. ♥︎ Next week I’m going to the small, little German version of Finland. To Mecklenburg to my grandma.



July 8th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 17: So many new things on the horizon ...


Time flies. And already the hay is cut again, every day the blueberries turn a little more blue and the evening skies are colored in pink-purple, as summer skies in Finland like to do. And I sit at my desk and plot big things. Parallel to the book release of my book »Die gute Mappe (The Good Portfolio)« next week, the Portfolio Academy will also go online. This is the place for illustrators and designers who want to tweak their portfolio to bring together commercial success with artistic fulfillment. 🥳

What else has happened   At the same time, the feedback challenge is running on Instagram. If you still want to take part, follow this link. ♥︎ Next week I’m flying to Hamburg. I haven’t been to the big city in a long time and I’m kind of scared. All these people!! And all the noise and the subway and the cars ... Also I’m wondering how smart it is to travel with the Covid-19 delta variant on the rise. But it’s my grandma’s birthday and I haven’t seen my family for a long time. ♥︎ Hopefully there will be still raspberries outside when I’ll get back.



July 1st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 17: Juhannusta flowers and the first berries ...


No time, no time. There is a lot to do right now. So many new plans, so many things to do. And already half of the year is over. True to tradition, I have picked midsummer flowers. And promptly discovered that the first blueberries are already ready.

What else has happened   So many new plans are being hatched right now. Sometimes I feel the great need to bury my head in the sand, like an ostrich. But then it goes on. Step by step. ♥︎ In two weeks I will fly home to visit my friends and family. That feels pretty crazy ...



June 24th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 16: Mansikka time ...


The longest day of the year is already over. Since yesterday, the days are getting shorter again. The strawberries do not care. They still get so much light that they grow gigantic. The clover blooms turn the meadow white. Hundreds of bumblebees buzz like little helicopters. Sometimes one gets lost to my desk. A friendly visitor.

What else has happened   I’ve moved. The freshly painted floor has not yet dried. That’s why I’ve moved to another room that turned out to be even nicer. A pleasant surprise. ♥︎ The public saunas are open again. Sauna sweating with swimming in the lake and drying in the summer sun. The best thing ever.



June 17th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 16: Juhannusta (Midsommar) is coming.


The Finnish summer is beautiful – and short. It’s all about not missing a single day, making the most of every ray of sunshine and dancing barefoot across the meadow as often as possible.

What else has happened   Next week I am moving. That’s why I’m preparing everything in the new room. The floor got a new coat of paint in light gray, a nice contrast to the orange-brown of the timber wall. ♥︎ The Portfolio-Challenge is done and was a great success. I’m happy!



June 10th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 16: Thunderstorms.


Right now it is thundering and lightning outside. Cool breezes sail across the lake, heralding the rain that will come after the storm. They smell of summer. Outside it’s so green and full of abundance. The Finnish summer is short. But so intense and full of contrasts that it makes me feel more aware, more alert, more alive.

What else has happened   Due to the thunderstorms there are a lot of power outages happening. IIt is strange how much our online life depends on electricity. And how entangled everyday things are with it. ♥︎ Every morning I ground my feet on gravelly paths. Feeling connected to the ground that holds me makes me happy.



June 3rd 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 16: Summer is already here.


It no longer gets dark at night. There are flowers everywhere. And it is warm. With it also come the mosquitoes. I still walk barefoot in the meadow in the morning, wildly paddling my arms to drive them away. Another kind of morning yoga.

What else has happened   I am preparing to break new ground. It’s exciting, but scary at the same time. And far outside my comfort zone. ♥︎ Nature changes so quickly here. Everything is  preparing to enjoy the summer intensely and with every breath. I still have to get used to that.



May 27th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 15: It smells so good ...


Everything is in bloom. But the new blueberries are already here, only they are not yet blue. The jackdaws are picnicking in large flocks on the freshly mowed meadow, looking for earthworms. They live in the neighboring trees, whose hollows are now all already occupied. The bird real estate market seems to be quite tight lately.

What else has happened   I realize that I tend to underestimate how much work some things are. At times I’ve been annoyed that I overestimate myself. Then I realized that this is a pretty good thing. If I knew how much work it was at the beginning, I wouldn’t even start. ♥︎ If you haven’t registered for the free Book Launch Portfolio Challenge yet, join us here!



May 20th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 15: The green explosion


It happened. Exactly on my birthday last week the trees exploded. *Kaboom!* All of a sudden everything is green and lush. The rain of the last few days was sincerely greeted by blades of grass.  Green arms were raised in the air and everyone tried to be taller than the others.

What else has happened   After the old book is before the new book, and besides, after the old book always comes the marketing for the old book. And that’s pretty time-consuming and very exciting right now. So many new things that need to be learned. ♥︎ At night it is now already light until midnight. The white nights are already here.



May 13th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 15: Birthday celebrations

Today is my birthday. I turn 41. Whaaat? How can this be? My last birthday was not more than three weeks ago. Why is time flying so fast? I begin this new year in life with the intention of meeting each day with thoughtfulness and celebrating the small moments of joy. Therefore, I should have a conversation with my inner squirrel, which always drives me to hurry from A to B. »There are enough nuts for everyone, little squirrel. No need to rush.« ;-)

What else has happened   For the book release of »Die gute Mappe (The Good Portfolio)« there’s a free Portfolio Challenge. Would you like to take part? Please do! You can find more information here (although in German). ♥︎ Madame Spring has finally decided to arrive in Finland. The last three days have been so warm that you can sit outside in a t-shirt. Pink-pale skin quickly turns red. Freckles celebrate great parties on noses and cheeks. Feet breathe a sigh of relief during their first walk on grass.



May 6th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 15: The void :-O


After every big project an even bigger void is waiting to be entered. Maybe this time I’ll manage to avoid the valley of tears with joyful courage and optimism. The easiest way is to just start a new project. That’s what I did: Sey hello, Pferdemädchen-Comic. I’m also waiting for spring. This morning it snowed again. Slowly I am getting impatient.

What else has happened   Since a few weeks I have been writing a blog about the »good« portfolio and how to position yourself as a professional creative. You are very welcome to have a look (it’s in German though). ♥︎ Even though it is still snowing, it is already light outside until half past ten at night. The white nights are almost back. So soon!



April 29th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 14: I’m done!


The book is in print! The last seven days have therefore been very busy and have been completely lost in the deadline stress. To be honest, I have hardly left the house at all. Fortunately, it has rained, snowed and stormed. So there weren’t that many good reasons to go out either.

What else has happened   Besides that not much. ♥︎ Yesterday I celebrated with a chanterelle pizza. ♥︎ Parallel to the book, the revised book website has also gone online. From now on, I will post an article on the topics of portfolio and positioning there every Thursday. ♥︎ The first days after such a big project feel very strange. It takes time to get used to the idea.



April 22nd 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 14: There is silence before the new beginning ...


The last few days a warm spring breeze blew across the brownish fields and dusty roads. The buds on the trees already foretell it. Soon everything will be covered in a juicy green. But not yet. It feels as if nature pauses once again for a moment before taking off.

What else has happened   The frogs have awakened. Bravely they hop their way down to the lake to bring another generation of frogs into the world. ♥︎ The cranes are also back. Their calls sound like dinosaurs. ♥︎ Tomorrow it‘s supposed to snow. And that, although I already had my first official Chucks-day – a nice change from the past thick-winter-boots-months.



April 15th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 14: The ice is gone.


All of a sudden the sea ice has disappeared. The lake sparkles and ripples in the sun. Just a few days ago, the whooper swan we met on the evening walk was still slithering across the ice. It looked actually pretty funny, because it was not as majestic as usual.

What else has happened   The book is about to hit the home stretch. With every new book I’m surprised how long this final editing and proofreading takes and how exhausting it is. Shortly after the book is published, I quickly forget about it, only to be surprised again the next time.



April 8th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 14: Winter is back.


Suddenly, it started snowing again, with a few innocent flakes at first, but they quickly turned into a flurry of snow. Still the clean white of the lake ice has gotten dark spots. It’s no longer safe to walk on it. Only the swans still dare.

What else has happened   You can see from the foot prints on the ice that our swan neighbors are already pretty busy, exploring their old habitat. All the other birds are also coming back. ♥︎ At night the sky shines already until nine. The long winter night is over. 



April 1st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 14: Spring time ... rubber boot time!


Slowly but surely all the snow mountains have thawed away and flows in small streams and rivers towards the lake. Rubber boots are the best shoe choice. Flocks of magpies and gangs of sparrows gather in the trees and bushes. The Whooper Swans can be heard quacking for a long time before they then appear in the blue sky. 

What else has happened   The meadows and fields are still gray-brown, but it is clearly noticeable that inside a green storm is rising, which will soon break loose in flowers, leaves and stalks. ♥︎ At the moment I’m working in the third round of editing. Smaller production issues still need to be resolved. Soon the book will be done. Probably next week :-)



March 25th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 13: In between winter and spring ...


These are probably the last days when it is still possible to walk on the lakes. The ice is melting and small ponds of dew are forming on the lake ice. The Whooper swans are coming back and are drawing big circles in the sky. The daylight currently stays until half past seven in the evening. I am happy to see so much light.

What else has happened   I also spent last week painting the stairs in the blue house. It was interesting to see how scared I was of all the steps involved. And it was also nice to see that it was quite an easy job: removing the carpet and moldings, filling the holes with wood filler, sanding the stairs and finally painting it – in a beautiful glossy light-grey.



March 18th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 13: Sunshine is back ... some days.


A few days ago, I was sitting in the office kitchen with my morning coffee and it suddenly struck me that I could hear the birds singing outside again. All summer long there was tweeting, twittering and trilling outside. Over the winter it became quiet. With the returning light also comes the hustle and bustle – among birdies and people.

What else has happened   Some days are still very dark and gray. Others shine in white, blue and golden sunshine. Now and then thick fluffy flakes of snow fall from the sky. But it seems that no one is anymore impressed by it. Everyone is waiting for spring. ♥︎ Snow slides off the roofs in great avalanches. Keeping your distance is the safe choice here as well.



March 11th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 13: Walking on the ice.


It thaws. Nevertheless, the lakes are still frozen. Because the snow has melted, the ice is now visible and looks like glass. The perfect time to go ice skating. The lakes seem to feel the spring as well, they stretch and groan. It feels like walking on the top of a thunderstorm. Under your feet it rumbles and thunders.

What else has happened   Walking across the lakes is much faster than walking through the forest. This is very practical. ♥︎ With each day the book becomes more finished. I realize that I can’t imagine what it will be like without the book as a daily task. But the next book is already waiting to finally come into the world.



March 4th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 13: Spring  sends its heralds.


The book is slowly but surely heading for the home stretch. It makes me happy to see how it turned out. It’s still slippery and icy outside, so I rarely leave the house. It’s good for the book. The last steps are going easily.

What else has happened   After many weeks, you can now see the grass under the snow again. In some places it peeps out from under the white ice cover. ♥︎ It’s a transitional phase. Spring is not quite here yet, but winter has already gone.



February 25th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 12: It thaws.


Exactly one year ago today in Hamburg I packed the last box in the green Rosinante (my 20 year old Volvo), brought Minzi (my balcony peppermint) to my friend Vera and I left for the big wide world. I can hardly believe that a year has passed. What’s next, where is the journey going. I don’t know right now. And that’s ok.

What else has happened   It has been raining for almost a week and the temperature has risen above zero. The white snow became this dirty whitish ice. ♥︎ It’s penguin weather. Some also call it hip-breaking weather. It’s safer to sway like a penguin, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, instead of casually bouncing along merrily.



February 18th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 12: Soo cold!


Blue and white dominate. In between, the yellow of the sun occasionally blends into the color palette of the landscape. In the snow it becomes visible how many animal neighbors live in the area. Nights are cold and lit by stars and their reflection in the snow. Yesterday my feet needed some time under my warm blanket to thaw.

What else has happened   The main character of my picture book »Hoch hinaus« is a moose named Erasmus. Curious and adventurous, he leaves his forest and explores the world. I have found his tracks.  ♥︎ Yesterday I sent my book’s first draft to my amazing editor Barbara. My to-do-list fits on one A4 page. It is almost done. ♥︎ Above you see last May compared to now.



February 11th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 12: Long shadows


The air shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight. It is cold, the snow is dry and fluffy and with every breath of wind ice crystals are swirled into the sky. It feels like walking through glitter. The shadows are long and deep blue. Through them the landscape gets contour and depth.

What else has happened   The book will be ready by the end of February. It is getting time. I notice how I’m starting to »verschlimmbessern« it. ♥︎ For you non-German speaking people: German offers this very cool word, if you make something worse by trying to improve it. This is called »verschlimmbessern« = to improve something badly or to up-down-grade something.



February 4th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 12: Marvellous colors are coming back.


Ice crystals fly through the air like confetti. The air sparkles and dances. Before me lies the lake like a vast white meadow. The shoreline no longer exists. Just keep walking into the pristine expanse. It is easy to forget that a whole universe lies beneath it. The snow is deep and soft and reflects the miraculous colors of the dawn.

What else has happened   Three weeks ago, the landscape consisted only of contrasts of white and black. Now colors are coming back. The sunsets glow in violet, apricot, pink and purple. ♥︎ The book is in the final stages of soon seeing the light of day. The last meters are incredibly exhausting. Soon! Soon it will be done!



January 28st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 11: More snow ...


I’ve probably shoveled more snow in the last week than in all the previous 40 years combined. The snow is light and powdery, like little feathers of ice. It makes everything smooth and velvety. But it keeps on snowing. More and more snow. There’s hardly any room left to shovel it to. Not so small little mountains pile up at the edges of the paths. Every shovel needs to go over the mountain. I will look like Popeye in the spring.

What else has happened   This morning a golden sun shone into the office. As soon as the sun appears, everyone here at Arteles is outside. Sunlight is precious. Still, you can clearly notice that the days are getting longer. ♥︎ Yesterday I dug my car out of the snow: a big shovel and a broom are now the tools of choice. Good old Rosinante bravely starts up every time. As a Swedish old lady she probably knows how to handle snow well.



January 21st 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 11: The snow is taking over.


Everytime when I walk through the snowy forest, I think of a story that I loved to listen to often as a kid. It’s the story of Mr. Fox, who, on his way through the fairytale forest, swipes a basket of treats which belongs to Borstel, a hedgehog child, who is supposed to bring the goodies to the sick Mr. Eagle Owl. But the thieving Mr. Fox does not get far. Here’s a link for those who can’t wait to find out what happens. ;-)

What else has happened   It feels great to look at the result after an hour and a half of snow shoveling. It’s oddly satisfying. It has been snowing hard for some days now. There is almost no space left to push the snow. ♥︎ At noon, when it’s not snowing, the sun colors the snow in shades of apricot, pink and orange. Still: Now, in the winter landscape, I keep realizing why the flag of Finland has to be blue and white.



January 14th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 11: The light comes back.


It may be that it’s just because there’s so much snow right now that makes everything look brighter and more beautiful, but I feel like the light is coming back. I felt it a few days ago, that suddenly there was this lightness, as if something was lifted out of the gloom. The snow makes everything quieter, more peaceful. Even the neighbor’s dogs bark a lot less when you walk by.

What else has happened   Snow shoveling is both an early morning workout and meditation at the same time. In a strange way, it feels very soothing. Pushing the white mounds of snow back and forth calms me as much as cutting dough and letting sugar drizzle. ♥︎ It has been very cold for a few days, around minus 20 degrees. It’s so cold you can hear the air tinkling. Cheeks freeze. Words sound as if spoken through thick pillows.



January 7th 2021  ♥︎  Haukijärvi, Finland

Month 11: Winter Wonderland.


The year began while I was sitting on a snowy bench and little clouds of steam rose from me into the winter night. After three firecrackers and a few wohoo-shouts from the far neighbors, everything went silent again. The trees, covered with icing and powdered sugar, whisper softly to themselves. When the wind gently brushes over them and a few ice crystals sail to the ground, you can hear a bright, clear tinkle.

What else has happened   A few days ago I found a moose track. The steps were about a meter long and the footprint as wide as my sturdy winter shoes. I followed the trail and after a few hundred meters across a field, a small, dense forest appeared. Other tracks, of hares, foxes and deer, followed the edge of the forest. Only the moose did not. He broke through the heart of the forest like an icebreaker. ♥︎ Happy new year to you!