2017 December 21st • Do you know that voice in your head that is telling you that you cannot draw? If so, you are not alone. Most people know that voice, most of us develope somehow – probably during school days – a believe that drawing is not for us, that we are not good drawers. That’s unfortunate consindering that sketching and scribbling is one of the areas in life where you can’t go wrong. In drawing everything is possible, anything goes. And also sketching can be a highly effective problem-solving tool for you because sketching helps us to understand and think problems through, so we can find new, innovative solutions and ideas. I like to help people to overcome that believe system that drawings have to be pretty and technically well made to be effective. And that’s what we did together at Jung von Matt Hamburg. Many thanks to Kyra Braatz and Heike Lorentz for making it happen.